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Although fireworks in Las Vegas are certainly not limited to our Nation’s Day of Independence, it’s definitely one of the biggest occasions of the year for firework displays in this beautiful, like-no-other city.  Las Vegas may not hold any direct connections to our nation’s independence, however, it is unarguably connected to the idea of celebration!  The summer weather will more than likely keep both tourists and locals pool-side enjoying a cold beverage, but the fun really starts after the sun sets and the Las Vega skies light up for miles with all the amazing firework displays going on all over town.

With so many casinos all over town participating in the celebration and hosting firework shows, there’s never a shortage of places with great views of these dazzling displays.  The Palms Place condotel (condo / hotel) is a perfect example of some of the most spectacular views of the Las Vegas skyline!  This spectacular photo was recently kindly shared with us by our client’s view from their gorgeous 50th floor condo at the Palms Place.


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